Xstiria is  a Japanese/Canadian  champion in the defense and security industries with a leading position in north America and a global reach. We develop innovation and customer-specific solutions in the field of EOS, radar, electronic warfare, avionics, optronics, Smart perimeter, special mission vehicles, imtrusion & leak detection for Oil/Gas/Chemical Pipelines and more. As a technology leader, we expand our portfolio continuously to combat a wide range of threats.  




Border and Perimeter Security Solutions

XSTIRIA's DAS technology for monitoring borders and perimeters is powered by XDAS®: our pioneering, fiber optic perimeter intrusion detection system.

Real-time, linear acoustic fiber monitoring harnesses AI and machine learning to detect, interpret and alert on perimeter security incidents around the clock, optimizing your response to threats and intrusions.

Monitor Perimeters and Secure Borders

The global perimeter security market is predicted to reach USD29.6 million by 2025. Failure to protect assets including Utility plants, Oil & Gas Pipelines, Airports, and Bordered locations can have disastrous and costly consequences. Xstiria’s  Perimeter Distributed Accoustic Sensing security solutions constantly monitor and rapidly detect perimeter security threats including:
  • Terrorist and criminal perimeter breaches.
  • Malicious activities along the length of your borders.
  • Accidental damage to border and perimeter integrity.
  • Natural disasters that may damage your perimeter.

Active Phased Array Radar and Pulse Doppler Technologies C, S & X - Bands 

Ground, Air & Coastline Surveillance 

Keeping the peace, securing borders and protecting civilians is a daunting challenge. To rise to it, forces must be able to track and manoeuvre any time day or night, in inclement weather, and across rugged topography. 
For land forces, this means being able to observe and evaluate the terrain, detect and identify, and track with absolute assurance. It also means being aware of the surrounding at all times and being protected from threats imperceptible to the naked eye. Indeed, the mission’s very success hinges on the crew’s ability to see, identify, track and engage under every condition.

Ground, Coastal & Air Radars

Ground Surveillance RadarCoastal Surveillance Radar


  • GSR 223B-1C is a C Band phased array radar with

  • advanced technology and stable performance to

  • realize the detection of moving targets on the

  • ground.

  • Application

  • Airports, military bases, border areas and other

  • key areas security surveillance

The radar adopts automatic   detection and tracking working mode.
The software of the terminal display control platform realizes the target positioning and trajectory display functions on the map, and can display the target range, azimuth, altitude and speed information in a list.
With the function of setting multi-level alarm area, the alarm area can be set arbitrarily, and different grades of areas can be distinguished by different colors;
With intrusion alarm function, different alarm areas can be used in different ways.
It has the function of setting radar basic parameters, which can adjust the parameters of working mode,
detection threshold, transmitting switch and array orientation.
With function of track recording and playback of the target;

Custom Tactical Command & Control Special Vehicles

Go where others can't. Deploy faster and safer and of course serve better.

Xstiria, the most flexible and capable mobile operations platform in the world. 

our guiding philosophy is simple:

Eliminate complexity, integrate all systems, stay connected and operational at all times... When every minute matters.

Customised Special Missions Vehicle


One of our most popular platforms:

  • Connectivity optimized on the fly 

  • Off-road, on-road capable

  • Deployed in under 5 minutes

  • Interoperable voice, video, and data

RANGER, TCV - 2X Applications

One of our most popular platforms:

  • Law enforcement

  • Border Control

  • Military and defense

  • Emergency Management

  • Utility, Energy, and telecom

  • Fire, hazmat, and search + rescue


KW Onan Cummins Generator with MIL STD UPS with Central Control System - CCU that can manage and control all equipment using single 13" touch screen rugged tablet PC

• Self-Leveling System
• 42U Vibration Isolated Electronic Shelter
• Horizontal Arm Awning
• HVAC System
• AV System Wiring
• Data System Wiring
• Trailer Tow Package
• On The Move Work Stations

  • Custom Made

  • Chassis Upgrades (Engines / Transmission)

  • Collision Mitigation Systems

  • Tie Downs and ATTLA Certification

  • Shelter Exterior Accessories

  • Additional Work Station

  • Enhanced HVAC Packages

  • Pneumatic Mast Packages

  • Emergency Lighting

  • Security Systems

  • Exterior Graphics

  • Integrated AV and Communication Systems

  • 4-Channel ACU 5000

  • Extreme Conditions Package

  • Rear Touchscreen Briefing Module

  • Kymeta OTM VSAT

  • AVL / Cobham OTP VSAT

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply System

  • Surveillance Camera Package

  • Off Road Spot Light Package and much more

Custom Long-Range Surveillance Camera System

Thermal, IR, Visible Short, Medium &  Long Range Cameras 

Xstiria combines the most advanced Electro-optics and video surveillance technologies into customized products that meet our client's specific requirements. Our custom build approach allows us to design and configure complete end-to-end solutions based on actual needs and budget requirements, not a manufacturer's specs and limitations.    


One of our most popular platforms:
  • Thermal: 25-225mm LWIR uncooled thermal lens. 640X512 resolution with 12x motorized optical zoom.
  • Visible: 18-550mm HD visible camera with 36x motorized optical zoom, full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution
  • PTU: Multi-sensor, high powered PTZ, 360 degree continuous rotation while keeping a camera and fixed in position.


Ultra Long, Long, Medium and Short Range Thermal, ZLID, Color IR Night Vision Cameras

Short Range Thermal Surveillance Camera 

Multi Sensor PTZ Short to Medium Range Thermal Surveillance Camera

 Short Range ZLID IR night Vision Camera


Military, Defense, Critical National Infrastructure Authorities, Oil/Gas, Power  Plants, Railways