Welcome to XSTIRIA, a ISS Group of companies and trusted partner to our customers in over 55 countries in the smart cities, infrastructure, security, and pipeline sectors.

We combine photonics and technical expertise to deliver, fibre-enabled solutions and deep insights that empower customers to make data-driven decisions.

Founded in 2008, we are focused on innovation and excellence as we continuously seek to pioneer sensing technology.

Border and Perimeter Security Solutions

XSTIRIA's DAS technology for monitoring borders and perimeters is powered by XDAS®: our pioneering, fibre optic perimeter intrusion detection system.

Real-time, linear acoustic fibre monitoring harnesses AI and machine learning to detect, interpret and alert on perimeter security incidents around the clock, optimising your response to threats and intrusions.

Monitor Perimeters and Secure Borders

The global perimeter security market is predicted to reach USD29.6 million by 2025. Failure to protect assets including utility plants, airports, oil & gas pipelines and bordered locations can have disastrous and costly consequences. Xstiria’s distributed acoustic sensing perimeter security solutions constantly monitor and rapidly detect perimeter security threats including:

  • Terrorist and criminal perimeter breaches.

  • Malicious activities along the length of your borders.

  • Accidental damage to border and perimeter integrity.

  • Natural disasters that may damage your perimeter.



Military, Critical National Infrastructure Authorities, Oil/Gas Companies